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February 18 2018 01:06:44
X-Rebirth Interview with Egosoft.


As promised we were allowed to interview Egosoft about their upcoming game X-Rebirth. We asked the community what questions they wanted to know MOST about the game. Together, we came up with 10 questions for the folks over at Egosoft to answer and today we got our response along with some new screenshots. Even if your not interested in the game its definitely worth taking a look at the gorgeous screenshots. So without further ado...

(Note that If the screenshots ARE HUGE use Crtl +F5 to fix... its a bug with our site.

We want to thank you for taking our questions today it really is honor. These 10 questions we collected from the X-community and we are really excited to put some of the questions to bed.

1. I know Egosoft's plan right now is to get Rebirth out the door, then take in player feedback and determine which features to add next. But what features do you, the developers, look forward to adding once the basic build of the game is out?

Lots of them. Ok, ok. I know you want a list. Well one of the things that I personally look forward to the most is support for VR solutions like the Oculus Rift. We have the glasses here, and love them. I know that they will fit perfectly to a game like X Rebirth. But choosing that feature first would be quite egotistical... I guess (yes I know the company name suggests that would be the obvious thing to do ;-). Not many people have Oculus Rift kits yet, and I am sure fans will have lots of things they want us to add or change about X Rebirth once the game comes out, many of which we probably haven't thought about yet. The point is that we can not predict what people will want, and despite what we may want, we are looking forward to listening to their feedback.

2. Will there be other races in the game besides human? Like will the Boron or Split make an appearance?

Yes. But the universe will still be much more focused on human (Argon) systems. The few systems that we focus on in X Rebirth at the start are mostly inhabited by Argons, but as you know, Argon systems are also inhabited by the other X races too, and these minorities will be there as well. Then towards the end of the plot you also will find something new, of course, but I dont want to spoil that yet.

3. Will some/all Capital Ships have a bridge you can walk onto in 1st person and give commands to the captain or watch the battle from or are we stuck inside our skunk while inside the capital ship? If not then what can you do exactly while docked to a capital ship?

No there is currently no plan to have a “bridge” view. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but see my comments above about feedback. You can dock on capital ships including your own, you can walk around and talk to NPCs but this is not a proper indoor representation including a bridge and more importantly there is no plan for any direct control while you are ON the ship. On the contrary: You have UI modes while you are in your much more versatile, fast and maneuverable player ship (the Skunk). With those modes you can very quickly and efficiently command a capital ship to pick up objects for example.


4. Can we use our own factories to build any ship we see in the game? If so, are we able to sell those ships into the economy; competing with other shipbuilders to rearm factions?

Unfortunately this will not be in at release. Yes we would like to add this later with an update, but it was not a priority for us to get player owned shipyards into 1.0.
Also the way the shipyard production is connected with the demand of the economy will probably change with a later patch.

5. So were on a capital ship looking out the window as our fighters fly past, there’s a man there we can give orders to and suddenly we hear "One of your ships is under attack in Frontier of Light" way on the other side of the galaxy. What do you do? Do we have to run back to our Skunk and bring up the galaxy map and find our ship manually or is there a console on our capital ship we can use to access our property and star maps? Do we have to run back to the skunk every time we want to manage our empire? Does the same apply for stations as well?

As I said above: You are not on a capital ship for any significant amount of time. You may be on a station or for a small amount of time also on a cap ship but you can always return to your ship instantly from the main menu (press return - 5 and you are back).

Now the moment there is an emergency like the one you describe there will be a person in charge calling me. You see his face on a monitor screen (also possible while on stations) and you can click on it to directly talk to him. If you like you can then set this ship or station as a mission guidance target. That way your HUD points you to how you get there the fastest.

In addition, yes, you can also see the object on the map and property owned list, however, none of that is necessary to manage your empire. A ship would only directly call you for help if it is directly working for you. That is the exception and only a small group of ships do that. The majority of times your ships are working for other NPCs like station managers which again work for you. So this is a command hierarchy and you sit at the top of it. You (the big boss) is only informed if the last one in the chain considers the emergency worth mentioning to you. So the ship will first inform its own boss and that boss will hopefully have resources to help him. Only if the station then thinks they are in real danger will that manager call you and ask for your assistance.

6. How does ship boarding / taking over cap ships work in x-rebirth?
Is it the same as in previous X-games or do we have more options available to us using the new boarding crew system?

For the start this part is pretty similar to how it was in the past. You have one person onboard the Skunk who leads a boarding team. He can improve and develop his skills with every successful boarding and he needs marines to do the job.

The part that is a lot different than before is the fight with the ship you want to board. Since the ships now have lots of functional elements that can be attacked and destroyed individually, there are tactical consequences possible. For now this mainly means that you can demobilize a ship by taking out its engine and you can make sure it does not jump away by shooting at its jumpdrive. These are requirements for boarding, in addition to bringing the shields and hull down.

Like in many other areas, there are a lot of ideas of what could be done in addition to this in the future, but that’s how it will be in 1.0.

7. Do you guys plan on having Egosoft-vetted user content, a’ la the Bonus Plugins for X3?

We do not plan for this, but it would sure be great. What we do plan for is to support the modding community every way we can (even if some things will take a while after release because we didnt have time to document everything as much as we would have liked).


8. We know that player-owned trade ships can be set to automatically perform trading for player owned stations; will they also be able to be automated to perform trades between AI stations without relying on player intervention to set up specific buy-sell orders?

Only with limitations. The manager of a station can command the ships you assign to him to buy goods from AI stations of course. But there will not be a mode to just buy and sell between NPC stations like the auto traders in earlier games. There will be no automatic money machines ;-)

9. I for one am quite tired of conquering Xenon space only to see their stations magically pop into existence a few minutes later... Will this happen in X-Rebirth or will factions need to collect resources or buy from whole ships… possibly from the player?

NPCs repairing their own stations will be limited with version 1.0.

I don’t know yet exactly how they will behave, but it is one of those features that we plan to expand on after 1.0. The long term goal is that they have a clever management system using builder platforms which use resources just like the player does. Again I do not know yet what our priorities after the release will be. See question 1... Oh and no, I did not comment here about Xenon stations ;-)

10. Will ships move (a bit more) clever than they did in X3AP?
1.) Pirates (or freighter) goes straight ahead their way when traveling. Next on their path, a superior hostile task force comes along, seen on (triplex) scanner right in time. But the pirates (or freighter) don't care! They keep on traveling into their extermination instead of fly off or hide.
2.) A lonely Xenon (or Pirate) M5 attacks a capital ship. Useless and a waste of resources! Why not fly off or wait for the relief force?

Yes. All of this behaves VERY differently. The new AI has been built from the ground up, and is a lot more advanced on every level. This starts with basic pathing (nav meshes near stations / Pre calculated spline paths for longer trips etc.) and does result in a much more sophisticated AI scripting system. I cannot guarantee that everything will be perfect, because unfortunately pathing in such a complex 3D space is a dammed complex task, but if there are problems at first, then we will of course be working on them and you can bet they will be different from the bugs of the past ;-)

Thank you so much for your time!

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