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February 18 2018 01:11:21
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About Element Zero Development Team

Development Team Member: Members of Element Zero that are Development Team Members are tagged as {DT}.

1. DTs are responsible for finding new games and fathering them into the guild, then choosing a responsible Director to take over that particular division. DTs should present games they view would make a good division for Element Zero to the DTD.

2. DTs must use Ventrilo regularly. This service provides fast and effective communication between all the members of the Development Team. Reading and being active on the guild forums is an absolute must. Administrators and the Development Team Director(s) need to be able to find you on a moment’s notice.

3. DTs will perform recon about a particular game during beta testing. If beta testing is unavailable, information gathered from beta testers around the internet will be used to determine whether purchasing and starting a division will be in the interest of Element Zero. During recon periods, DTs should be joined to the game’s official forums and any community websites for the particular game and check these sites regularly.

4. During beta testing DTs will document opinions, changes, and game information (i.e. Multiplayer (PvP), Clan/Guild Setup, Class Information). Once the division is created, this will allow members to quickly get a lot of information about the game.

5. Once a new division has been decided to be started, recruitment will begin. Recruitment will be broken up into 3 areas; each area will be covered by a single DT, to keep the load spread out.

5a. In-game recruitment – The DT member that will become the director of this division will primarily perform the in game recruitment and handle web applications. This allows new, potential members to view the new director as their point of contact for this game.

5b. Community websites – This DT member will search for community websites and post information about Element Zero and their plans in the new division. This member will also need to check these postings often for any questions from potential members.

5c. Developer Communications – Much of this will be done primarily by the DTD, but there will still be a DT member assigned to assist with communication between other developers. This is done as early in a game’s production as possible to assist getting alpha/beta keys for the team and continues through testing, communicating any bugs or issues with the game.

For more information please read the Guild Policy!


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